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23rd March 2019
Calcium Nitrate fertilizer for Orchids – 1 kg
3rd April 2019
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Magnesium Nitrate fertilizer for Orchids – 1 kg


1kg bag of Magnesium Nitrate fertilizer for Orchids
A highly water soluble Magnesium Nitrate that can be applied as foliar feeding or through irrigation systems. Ideally suited for use in the prevention and the correction of Magnesium deficiency in plants.

Magnesium is essential element of chlorophyll that gives the green color of plants; therefore it has utmost importance in production of chlorophyll. Magnesium ions are utilized in protein synthesis, enzymatic reactions and production of vitamins. Magnesium deficiency causes the below given symptoms:Initial symptoms start with loss of green color in old leaves. This is followed with yellowing seen between veins. In certain plants spots are seen in magnesium deficiency. When there is a high level of magnesium deficiency leaves turn their color to reddish purple. In time green parts get lost. The first symptoms of magnesium deficiency are seen in old leaves.

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Magnesium Nitrate fertilizer for Orchids